Friday, 13 January 2017

New Year New Beggining

Another New Year stars with many positive thoughts and feelings
I could not update my blog right after getting admitted to university because soon after that my laptop broke T.T ; now after more than 1.5 year i was finally able to get it fixed, hence i am writing this post, its a real hassle posting from your mobile with all the bugs n etc >.<

Anyway, this year started really well once again like last year. The previous year had started with celebrating with my sister and her friends, and this one started with different people i met over the year and we all partied together to start the year as well as to celebrate our friendship.

2016 has been one heck of a year for me. It started so well but then there too many negativity in it, and what kept me going on were my two adorable cats who gave me company when everyone else did not, and eventually i met so many people who are till this date very important to me.

Some unannounced visitors also came when i least expected them to, it was really hard time but it ended well...

And of course when I mention hard time then how can I forget my university life?
Its been real tough but its pleasant also
And guess what? I even got to experience my life's first fracture this year and had to give my start year semester exams in that condition :(

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