Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Just Another Valentines Day

Another year pass... And it's already time when everyone who are in love spend it with their significant other, and then there are many who spends this day alone.
Whereas there is another set of people who are frozen in a time so long ago that there's no trace of it left except for in the heart of these people. These people are just incapable of moving forward.
P.C Deviantart
What i wonder is... what are they supposed to do exactly?
Once a person falls in love with someone very seriously with all their heart, is it possible to feel that much love or even half of that with someone else again?
What if they went in and out of relationships falsely telling themselves that they are in love again only to find out at the end that they felt nothing at all for the other person? Or even worse i should say that they are so numb that they are incapable of feeling that emotion and realize that they can only feeling attachment and affection for others and nothing more than that.
What does it take to release oneself from that past and actually feel something again?