Monday, 1 December 2014

Dont Say you Love me

So My sister was listening to 'Heaven candlelight version' in her room with her husband and i could hear the song all the way to my room
and then lines started coming on their own in my head

i think its more than a year since i have written something 
so this is what i ended up with
i know its so not perfect but what can u expect for after more than a year later writing? =P
for those who cant read my hand writing xD
Here goes:

Don’t say you love me
When you don’t really care
Don’t tell me you'll wait for me
When you aren’t even sure
i have lived through once
In the life of ultimate fairy-tale romance

And getting my hopes up that someday

This girlish dream would come true
But alas!
The expected heartbreak had to come
To shatter all my beliefs
And wake me up from the childish dreams
Don’t even try to reach me
When you are looking elsewhere
Coz i am no longer a child
To believe in such sweet nothingness
So leave me alone with my solitude
Because when there was no one left for me
It’s the only thing which remained
So don’t dare to tell me to trust another person
Coz i am already done
Believing and getting deceived at the end,
I appreciate your efforts and everything you give
But what’s the surety that you won’t betray me the same?
So please try to understand my friend
I am better off alone

written and ©S.Naila Ahsan


  1. superb one. thanx for sharing

  2. Your handwriting is neat. So is your poem. Looking forward to more wonderful posts.

    1. Thank You Very Much for your compliments and encouragement :)