Monday, 25 May 2015

Trapped in Love

I am sure many of us stays in a relationship despite how much the person they love hurts them
they cant seem to get out of that relationship or get themselves to break up with that person, even if that person is just toying with them, taking them for granted or taking advantage of their affection or perhaps that other person is too immature and cant seem to understand how much they are hurting us unconsciously but still ... 
like an idiot we love them too much to let go of them regardless of everything...
 This is for all of you ...

For Those Who Cant Read My Handwriting here it is:
Like A Voodoo Doll You Hold My Heart
Poking And Hurting Or Caressing Softly
You're The One To Hold The Strings
Making Me Crave You and Torment Me From Within
You Very Well Know All The Tricks Around
Just A Little Sweetness Is All It Takes
To Keep Me By Your Side Like A Dog Sitting On The Ground
But Is It All Am I To You?
A Little Puppet To Dance For You?
Satisfying Your Needs Whenever You Want
With No Say Or Whatsoever And Follow All Your Commands?
Sure My Love For You Is No Lie
But If That's How You Wanna Play This Game Than I Beg To You
Please Crush This Heart And Let Me Die...

Written and
© S.Naila Ahsan

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  1. My heart hurts for this person, I was in a relationship like this for several years and although I knew my feelings were not being returned I stayed anyways. Him walking away was so hard but I am a better person for it and now many years later am happy with a man who treats me with respect and love. Thanks for linking up at the Welcome Home Wednesday Link Party! Can't wait to see what you link up next week!