Saturday, 31 January 2015

Rebound Relationships

Why do people opt for rebound relationships? 
Specially when they aren't even over their past?
Loneliness? to kill off emptiness by having someone around? Need someone to baby them out? Or falsely telling themselves that they are in love when in reality in every step with the current one they can only see the past rather than the person who is there for them?

What exactly is the point of  it anyway?
I mean if you aren't really over your past then you cant really fully love the person who is there for you

I know that it isn't easy forgetting our past and to be honest nobody can ever fully forget it but still...
How exactly is it fair on the person who is there with you in the present?

People don't understand that in the process of this whole thing they are just playing with the feelings of the person who is caring for them.
You may think that the other person isn't aware of it but you are wrong, they know all of it yet they silently stay with you, support you in everything, regardless of how much it might be hurting them because they truly care about you.

Nevertheless, its as good as using them for your own sake , and hurting them while trying to heal your own self
And i don't think that is fair at all.

I believe that we should fully let go of the past before moving on to next relationship or go for a rebound because these things can make neither you nor the other person happy  and it ends not too greatly for either of you.


  1. I agree with you 100% rebound relationships do not benefit anybody, and only more people get hurt in the long run.

  2. Yes...
    Thank You for your comment :)

  3. Such a true statement. People are afraid of being alone and it is scary. But until you have time to work on yourself and be at peace with yourself you're not ready for a relationship.

    1. yes
      but sadly some people don't understand this
      And thank You for your comment Liana ^-^

  4. Great post. People should really take their time. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us at Together on Tuesdays :)

  5. I don't know that people actually understand that they're in a rebound relationship when they're in a rebound relationship. I think sometimes, they are so used to a certain level of friendship/intimacy that they fool themselves into thinking they've found that - when actually, as you say, they've found a substitute. No, it isn't fair. And yes, it can be painful (to both parties). I wish there was an easy solution. Prayer. Friends and family. Scripture. Time.

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