Friday, 3 October 2014

Clash Of Clan Craze

Too much gaming is bad for health but we cant help it since we are the gamers xD
A friend of mine forced me to play this game and man.. i cant seem to put it down anymore (>ะด<')
Been playing for almost a month and I am like even more addicted than him by this point ;D
If you are looking for a high quality gaming like those in PC and consoles then you will be disappointed but for a gamer like me who cant live without gaming even with busy schedule this a rather decent game  (///▽///)
it requires a lot of strategy for a good game play
overall its very much fun if you have friends to play with specially
as for me, i even created a clan of my own with my friend and now we are owning in wars Rock'N Rolla !! xD

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