Saturday, 14 February 2015

Happy Valentines Day !

So the most Fret over and largely celebrated day among the teens as well as anyone who values love more than anything is finally here xP
I honestly never celebrated this day (Forever Alone Girl) and i don't really know how it must feel to spend this day with the one you love the most but still...
 For all those who truly loved someone with all their heart regardless of all the good and bad in them this song by Avril is one of the best one to express your feelings
For me also, this song hold not just one but few very precious memories.
Even if things are different now, these things can never ever change.
And of course this is for all the anime lovers out there also *-*
Lol i guess i am getting carried away xD 

Anyway, i don't know about you guys but for me this day has been unusually boring , had to empty out my room for painting, entertain my newly shifted little cousin and spent rest of the time crafting hearts with nobody to give it to :P (height of being forever alone :P)
But at-least i am not the only person alone today
Aligarh has been infected with swine flu preventing people from going out
So as a 'certain someone' said that if we cant enjoy this day today then why should they? xD

Anyway i hope everyone had a nice Day today ^^
and here is a little example of my lonesome heart xD
A Very Happy Valentine's Day everyone ♥\( *-* )
May You have an unforgettable day xD

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